Monday, April 12, 2010

SaTuRdAy! :)

Saturday was so much fun! We had absolutely no agenda. . . no time pressure, just a gorgeous day and each other. We had breakfast, then headed downtown. . .
Life is so much more fun when Daddy is around! :)

We spent most of the day in our favorite neighborhood in the city, Hillsboro/West End. . . We've deemed 31st Avenue and the surrounding area "Jonah's block". . . It's where he was conceived, where he was delivered. . . We spent lots of time walking that area when we were pregnant. In our hearts, it's his. :)
We introduced Jonah to Dragon Park, a place both of us played as kids. It's quite nostalgic to be there, especially with our son!

We walked to Zumi on Belcourt Avenue for for sushi. Jonah wasn't keen on the food but loved the chopsticks! :)

YUM!! Makes me hungry just posting these pictures!!
Then we walked to Savarino's Italian Cucina for Gelato, Cannolis and Espresso. We love to eat! :)

Then we strolled through the village. That part was quite exciting for Jonah as you see . . . :)
This is my favorite tree!! It's MAGICAL!
Siesta in the park.

Cheers to liesure days. . . full of sunshine, smiles and love!

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