Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Molly's Babies Shower

Amber and I threw a shower for Molly and her twins on Saturday afternoon at my place. We had such a great time! I've decided baby showers are by far one of my favorite parties to host. There's nothing like celebrating the beauty and wonder of new life (and this time TiMeS 2!)!

This cake is my pride and joy. . . and my first experience with fondant. If you know me at all, you know I'm quite an amateur baker (as in, I've only done it 3 times in my LIFE!), but motherhood has inspired me experiment a bit. That being said, it's a miracle of God this cake looks anything like my goal of "2 peas in a pod" . . . I used a football pan for the pod (turned it upside down) and baked in two glass bowls for the heads. I didn't have enough pink fondant, so one of the twins has jaundice. :)

I'm not a huge fan of baby shower games, neither is Molly, but I found this idea on the internet and HAD to use it. Ethan videotaped Kyle (prior to the shower) answering a series of questions pertaining to pregnancy, babies and fatherhood and Molly had to guess his response. If she got it right, she opened a gift; if not, she had to chew a piece of Double Mint gum. . . I loved that Kyle was able to play a part in the shower even though he wasn't physically there. Great game! I highly recommend it to anyone planning a shower!
Molly thinking about Kyle's response to a question. . . She actually did quite well! I was highly impressed!!
Ugh!! LOVE that TwIn BeLLY!! I can't get enough of it! :)

JONAH EXCLUSIVE (he was the only male invited to the party):

Thanks to Emily and Meagan for the gorgeous photos!!


Joshua and Stephanie said...

Is she having a boy and girl???? I'm so jealous, I hope someday I get to have twins...and I'd love to have a boy and a girl!!! She is so blessed and looks lovely!!! Baby showers are soooo much fun and you did a lovely job!

Adrian said...

What a beautiful shower! I'm helping host one for Charis this weekend as they get ready to pick up their sweet little one from Ethiopia. I agree that it's so much fun!
Wish we could've done all the 'cutesy' stuff, BUT, when sending out 150 invites, something's gotta give :)

**The cake is PRECIOUS!! I've done quite a few cakes, but never used fondant. You'll have to give me pointers!