Wednesday, September 9, 2009

CeLeBrAtInG 4 YEARS!! :)

I'm sitting in the silence tonight, alone, reminiscing about the many seasons of our togetherness. . . overwhelmed by the beauty and power of our covenant! Never have I tasted a love so honest, so humble, so forgiving. . . so uninhibited . . . Our union purifies my soul. Cheers to US. . . the years that brought us here and those that lead us on! Happy Anniversary, baby! I love you!


Michael, Adrian, Cole said...

Happy Anniversary! Loved traveling through time with your photos...
Your union is a beautiful picture to those around you of how Christ loves His bride and how the bride is to love in return.
I agree...Cheers to YOU!

Lindsey said...

Wow...Allen has been through an array of hairstyles...haha!

Love you both! Your marriage and friendship is an inspiration!