Monday, September 21, 2009

for Mimi :)

Mimi's upset that we haven't posted in so many days (she holds us accountable to update the family regularly on my development), so this one is specifically for her. :) Sorry we don't have more pictures. We haven't really taken many lately (shocking, I know- particularly for those who know my mom's obsession with capturing every second of my life!)

This picture was taken just moments before a torrential down pour (a wedding had just begun in the sunken garden- poor bride!)! Mommy and I hid under a tree (and under the cover on my stroller) while Daddy ran to get the car. We were drenched (to say the least)- EsPecIaLLY DaDdY!! Wish we would have gotten a picture of him after his run to the car. :)

Mommy found lots of cute fall/winter clothes at a consignment sale last week. We had a fashion show Saturday morning for Mrs. Lindsey and Mrs. Maci . . . They stopped by for a surprise visit to show us some adorable things they found for Adeline! :)

This is Daddy's favorite sweater, one he bought before I was born. It's 0-3 months, but he's convinced it fits well enough for me to wear it this fall. :)

These are my fake Robeez. :) And literally the only time I've ever worn shoes in my life. . . for a couple of reasons. #1- I live in Tennessee, shoes are optional here. :) And #2- my feet are so fat (understatement!) that they don't fit in normal shoes. Looks like Robeez are the only shoe I'll be wearing for a while. Thank goodness they're pediatrician recommended! :)

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