Monday, September 21, 2009

such a BiG boy

This is one of Mommy's favorite smiles. . . :)Daddy's teaching me to walk.

I've been using my Bumbo to eat, but as you can see in this video I've almost entirely outgrown it. Mommy and Daddy ordered a high chair on Amazon last night (scheduled to arrive tomorrow. YeAY!), so this is my last night to use it. :)


Lindsey said...

Oh that smile melts my heart! And he looks so adorable in that hat!!

Nicole McDougal said...

What a happy boy he is!! I love seeing Jonah's sweet smile!

Michael, Adrian, Cole said...

That outfit with the hat is just too precious!

I do believe that he'll definitely be walking way before his first b'day. His little legs are so strong! Before you know it, Jonah will be taking off and you'll be missing those you-stay-where-I-put-you moments :-)

Holly said...

Yep, looks like it's definitely time for a new high chair! He certainly has outgrown the old one:) Cute videos and pics. I know you guys are enjoying parenthood as much as we are. Keep the updates coming (this request from the person who is extremely delinquent in keeping posts updated :)