Tuesday, September 22, 2009

my new toys :)

My BiG boy high chair and car seat were delivered during my nap today. Mommy was so excited for me to wake up and test them out!

My new high chair supports my head so well it makes me sleepy. I started to doze off during dinner and got a little sad. I just wanted Mommy to wash my face and hands so we could cuddle.

This is my new car seat. Mommy has researched relentlessly for weeks attempting to find one with great ratings at a reasonable price. Britax was highly recommend by my friend, Zion, but Daddy had a minor heart attack when Mommy showed him the price. Fortunately, Mommy stumbled across a website called babygizmo.com (which we highly recommend to anyone buying baby gear!). This one was on their top 5. . . (Actually, we purchased my Chicco high chair because of it's great review on the site as well.) :) . . . We still haven't attempted to install the car seat in our Mazda. It looks huge. Hope it fits!! It's going to be a much more comfortable ride if it does!! :)

These two pics don't really fit with the theme of this post, but Mommy wanted to include them anyway. . . :)

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John, Angela, and Briley Barker said...

He looks so big in that new car seat! He's going to love some extra room and that looks like it will grow well with him. Glad he's loving his new toys...by the way, did you really buckle him in the highchair, LOL?