Thursday, September 3, 2009

our week thus far :)

Daddy let me borrow his watch . . . the one he's changed the band on 4 times because he's so emotionally attached. . . the one he says he's going to pass on to future generations (that would be me), and I broke it! It slipped off my wrist, bounced off the hardwood floor and cracked. Looks like Daddy's going to have to look for someone to replace the glass. :)

I love my Aunt Rachel! She's so much fun!

Mommy's so excited to dress me for fall and winter. She thinks I look adorable in my new sweater. She took way too many pictures of me while I was wearing it (as you can tell). :)

This is my fighter stance. :)

I look JuSt LIKE DaDdY in this pic!

Daddy surprised Mommy with a midweek date to Sambuca to see Annie Sellick, one of her favorite jazz artists. She was SO ExCiTeD! These pictures were taken right before they left. :)

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Michael, Adrian, Cole said...

Loved seeing you today! These pics are precious...especially the sweater ones. I'm like you...I can't wait to dress Cole in his cute fall/winter clothes :)
So glad you got a surprise date night as well. Those are the best!