Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hand Play. . . :)

Mommy and Daddy are amazed at how quickly I'm catching on to the hand motions of gestures, songs and games.

Aunt Rachel taught me how to high five and wave "bye-bye" . . . :)
And Mommy and I sing open shut them. If you look closely, you can see my hand open when she says "open" and close when she says "shut them" . . . I'm much more intelligent than many suspect! :)

I'm NeW EVERY DaY!! :)


John, Angela, and Briley Barker said...

So cute!! Love the sweet little baby laugh in the first video. He is so smart...I hear Ma Ma or Da Da in the future!

Michael, Adrian, Cole said...

What a smart boy! It is amazing what they are soaking up...and we don't even realize it! Their little minds are fascinating!