Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mrs. Lindsey's :)

Mommy and I spent yesterday with Mrs. Lindsey. She's on house arrest. . . the doctor won't let her go anywhere until baby Adeline arrives. We spent the day attempting to coax her out.

I love Mrs. Lindsey's dogs, but they're a bit scared of me. . . They run away when I crawl towards them. Mommy says it's because I have a bad habit of pulling their hair.

Mrs. Lindsey and Mommy dressed me in Adeline's clothes. Daddy won't let Mommy post the pictures of me in a dress and bow. He says they're emasculating (whatever that means). :)

Mommy thinks I look like a toddler in this picture. . . I was looking for the puppy. She was hiding under the table.

Saying "bye-bye" with my hand and words at the same time! (Mommy thinks I'm brilliant) :)

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