Saturday, November 21, 2009

Opryland Hotel

Mommy and Daddy took me to the resort where they used to work last night. It's SO magical! Lights everywhere! Waterfalls and water shows, even a boat! It's decorated for Christmas already. . . It was quite surreal for Mommy and Daddy. Lots and lots of memories!

This is Jesus when he was a baby like me! :)

My Dad's crazy.
This is the look I give Mommy when she's taken way to many pictures in a row. I think she secretly dreams of becoming a paparazzo! :)

Great nights aren't complete without chocolate, at least that's what my parents think. We stopped for truffles. They gave me puffs. Does that sound fair to you?!

This is a cave behind a waterfall. I LOVED it! Water is one of my favorite things. . . I cried when we moved on.

Daddy wouldn't let me suck my thumb, so I pulled his ear. He hates it when I do that! It was red for thirty minutes. :)

Mommy loves this picture!

These are random shots from earlier in the night. . .

My new music table from Mimi and Popi! I could play with it for hours. :)


Michael, Adrian, and Cole said...

We LOVE Opryland. That's become a family holiday tradition...dinner and then strolling around the hotel :) We'll be there to see the lights soon!

Cole had that exact LeapFrog table and LOVED it! He'd still be playing with it if I hadn't put it in the attic last year :)

Jamie said...

jessica, i must say, I think you have the most adorable little boy I have ever seen!!

Lindsey said...

these are such good pictures! And no Jonah, i don't think that puffs over truffles sounds fair AT ALL!

And I LOVE his sweater :)