Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Welcome Baby Adeline!! :)

Finally, you have graced our world!
We celebrate the miracle of you
and the revelation of God that reaches us
through your existence!

Adeline Kathryn Johnson
9lbs 9oz/20 in
born at 10:30 tonight

Happy Birthday "Addie Kate" :)

My beautiful friend, Lindsey. . . such a radiant mom!
Maci and I were so excited you would have thought we were the adoptive parents! :)

Adeline, you've officially given me baby-girl-fever! :)
Maci catching the fever as well! :)
{2010 is your year, Mac! Ready or not. . . :)}
Nothing melts my heart as quickly as Allen holding a baby. . .

Proud Papa. . . :)
The dad's . . . how wonderful to watch these incredible men evolve into fathers!
CONGRATS, Linz and Jeremy!

1 comment:

Michael, Adrian, and Cole said...

Whew...9 lbs. 9 oz. - way to go Lindsay! Addie Kate is precious...love her cheeks!
I know what you mean about baby girl fever. I've caught it as well. Maybe soon!