Monday, November 23, 2009

Padded Play Gym!

Mommy joined the Hendersonville First Baptist Church gym last week, so we'd have something to do when it's cold outside. They have a huge padded play area for toddlers and kids. It's SO nice! We went there tonight with Aunt Sarah and my cousin Dawson. It was really fun! :)
Look how tall I am! (27.5 inches) I can reach the animals!!

Mommy pretended to be a baby like me so we could play together in the toddler area :)

This is my cousin, Dawson. He's SO big!! He played in all the tunnels. One day I'll get to join him!

This is my Aunt Sarah. . . We had so much fun playing together!

Aunt Sarah and I have the same expression in this picture. Mommy catches us doing that a lot! :) She thinks it's really cute!

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Michael, Adrian, and Cole said...

We have a membership as well :) Give us a call (or vice versa) and we'll join you one day! We like to bring a 'picnic' lunch to eat in the cafe area too :)