Monday, November 2, 2009

My 1st Halloween

Halloween night, Mommy and Daddy dressed me like a monkey and drove me all around the world. Seems like we saw everyone we know all in one night. We started with our next door neighbor, Judy. She bought me a really cute stuffed monkey. She loves me so much! And we love her too! :)Then we stopped by the church for trunk or treat and saw my Grams, aunts, uncle, cousin and met several people who knew Mommy from childhood.
Cousin Dawson dressed like a scary man.
This is my Aunt Sarah, Uncle David and cousin Dawson :)
And this is my second cousin Katie
This is my Grams!
And this is Grams cousin Greg. . . He has great facial hair! He let me pet his face. :)
Mommy, Daddy and Me
Aunt Rachel and Sponge Bob
Then we went to my Nannie and Pa's. They loved my monkey costume :)

Nannie and I caught up on the latest Hollywood gossip. . .

Then we headed to Aunt Donna's. We saw lots of family there- Grandma Bruce, Aunt Sue and Uncle Ron, Aunt Donna and Uncle Kurt. . .
Uncle Kurt has a Santa beard!
I showed the family how well I'm walking with Mommy's help.
I fell asleep on the way to Mimi's. . . It was a long night!!
Mimi and Aunt Molly greeted us as soon as we arrived! :)
Mimi bought me a banana to go with my Monkey costume.

Aunt Molly brought the cat in so I could see her. I LOVE animals (thanks to Aunt Rachel)!!
And our night ended with Mommy and Daddy sucking out my nose. I'm still a bit sick. . . It was torture!


Michael, Adrian, and Cole said...

Whew!! What a night! He was such a cute little monkey :) Treasure the days of him staying in a costume for so long!
Side note: Cole finally learned how to BLOW his nose. Woo-hoo! The days of the dreaded 'suction' are over! :)

John, Angela, and Briley Barker said...

Girl you were right - such a busy night!! And I think the banana was the perfect Halloween accessory for your monkey:) I love you!