Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday Stroll Downtown

Mommy, Daddy and I spent the day walking the strip downtown. . . We felt like tourists, taking pictures every ten steps. :)

Mommy held me while I slept. . . She cherishes the moments I'm still and content in her arms. They're fewer and fewer these days, thanks to my new found mobility.

Mommy and Daddy love the way I prop my feet on the cup holder in my stroller. :)

This scary man sang a special song just for me. There's lots of people playing in random places here in Nashvegas. . .
Awww. . . fountain at the symphony, how we love you!

I LOVE WATER! I really wanted to go for a swim, but it was a bit to chilly.

The pedestrian bridge. . .
such a beautiful view.
The sky was breathtaking.

There are lots of cowboys in this city. . . some ride horses. I got to meet one. :)
This is the train that runs by Daddy's work. :)
One of Mommy's favorite shots. . . (so tender)
Mommy loves these as well (she's a huge fan of pictures of Daddy and I together) . . . :)

Christ Church Cathedral, Mommy and Daddy's church for a season. . . one of their favorite in Nashville.

The sky as the sun was setting. . .
What a wonderful day. :)

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