Sunday, November 7, 2010

3 Month Baby Belly

I definitely won't be staring in the show "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" any time soon! I'm not great at carrying my kids in a discreet manner as you can see. :) My baby is the size of a lime according to books, but by the looks of things you'd think he or she is more like the size of a small cantaloupe (ok, a large cantaloupe)! ;) I don't mind though. . . I absolutely love watching the evolution of life in my body. I never feel closer to a miracle than when I'm pregnant! These days feel so sacred. So holy. So blessed. Thank God for this child and his invitation to women to join him in the intimate dance of creation!


kyle and molly said...

Walk proudly with that belly pooched out! It's the only time in your life when you can! :) I think that was one of my favorite things about being pregnant.

John, Angela, and Briley Barker said...

You're so cute! It's all baby:) and enjoy letting it all hang out!