Monday, November 15, 2010

Our God is Mighty to Save

I have wept more in the past 24 hours than I have in a very long time. Not simply tears but uncontrollable sobs birthed from the depths of me. I shared last night about baby Joel and his fight for life. The story of this tiny boy grips me in a powerful way. I have spent hours sifting through his blog, reading his mothers heart and the details of their circumstance. The magnitude of Joel’s suffering and their warrior spirits profoundly move me. I can’t stop crying out for mercy on behalf of this family!

I must admit that as I do I inwardly wrestle the intent of God. His ways are higher than ours, I know, and his plans often exceed the scope of our insight, yet I can't seem to stop the “whys” from billowing from my chest.

Still in the face of all my questions and all my crisis of understanding my spirit with strength and conviction sings, “Our God is MIGHTY to SAVE, he is MiGhTy to SAVE!” Over and over the words roll from the depths of me. I believe our God heals! I believe he has the authority to display his power and mercy in Joel’s body, and I ache in these hours to see him in all his glory arise in this story!

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