Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend

Jonah was quite sick the week of Thanksgiving. He vomited Friday morning and into Saturday and ran a high fever (around 103) that lasted 6 days. We took him to the doctor twice. The first time (Saturday morning) they told us it was likely a virus and would run its course. The second time (Tuesday) they ran several tests including blood work and determined that there was an infection in his body (that was not viral), but they could not detect where it was. They sent us home with antibiotic and told us to contact them if he hadn't improved by Friday. The days and nights were difficult. Jonah would scream out (as if he were in pain) and would writhe in our arms. This happened multiple times during the day and night and left us feeling helpless and afraid. It's terrifying when the doctors cannot define your child's sickness and when your baby acts differently than he ever has before. . . when his smile and energy are gone. . . when he won't eat or drink and can't sleep for more than an hour at a time. . . My mind (the hypochondriac that I am) went the worst possible places. Thursday night I just sat and wept with him in our office chair, listening to scripture lullabies, and I begged God for mercy and healing. And wouldn't you know, Friday, we received our first sign that Jonah was on the upswing. He ate his first meal in days and smiled (this was monumental). He definitely wasn't himself, but we could see glimpses of him shining through. He has steadily progressed over the weekend, PRAISE BE TO GOD! It feels so good to see life bursting from him again!

These pictures were taken on Thanksgiving. They wonderfully capture the misery of the day for Jonah. . . It was quite overwhelming for him I think, feeling as sick as he did. In hindsight, we probably shouldn't have taken him out, but it was difficult to resist an opportunity to gather with our family and friends.

And these pictures were taken on Friday (the beginning of Jonah's upswing) at Mimi and Popi's.

I am head-over-heels for this picture! Jonah totally looks like a teenager in Uncle E's hat! ;)

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Lindsey said...

that picture at the top with you and Jonz brought tears to my eyes! You are such a wonderful, loving "mum." :)