Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Jonah's Words :)

We have become progressively impressed by Jonah's vocabulary. He shocks us everyday with new words and signs of increased connection and understanding of things. It truly is amazing to observe the evolution of life in your children! Nothing compares in my opinion. . . This weekend at TGIFriday's we decided to video tape some of Jonah's words, so we would have documentation of his development at 20 months. Last night, I read a report from Baby Center that said the average 20 month old can say 12-15 words. Of course this compelled us to make a list of the words Jonah knows . . . To our baffling surprise we ended with 69 (and probably missed a few). I've always heard that boys develop much slower than girls linguistically, so this was especially amazing to me! :) We're not claiming to have an Einstein on our hands, but we are grateful to know that our sweet, baby boy is developing perfectly on schedule. :)

For future reference these are the words Jonah currently says:

shoes, socks, horsey, toes, duck, car, truck, bless you (my personal favorite), bubbles, fast, high, Mimi, Popi, Daddy, piggy, Nannie, Pa, cat, dog, ball, up, down, off, on, thank you, bye-bye, house, baby, push, swing, phone, hi, fish, cookie, no, diaper, jump, this, touchdown (daddy's favorite I think), door, cow, spoon, cereal, pee-pee, two, five, hair, eyes, crash, kick, pretty, Elmo, stuck, toys, Ethan, uh-huh (for yes), bike, blocks, rock, close

And a few that aren't perfectly pronounced but he gets his point across so we decided to count them:

TV, Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Bottle (ba-bas), water (wa-wa), Rachel (yay-yay), Nathan (Na-Na), Dawson (Dawsey)


Anonymous said...

Ethan, Uh-Uh, yes, Fee for Goofy, swing.

Adrian said...

Precious! Bless you is my personal favorite too :) Just wait. . . Cole is now reading on his own. It's truly amazing to watch them evolve!

Lindsey said...

that is so stinkin cute! he's a genius.