Monday, November 15, 2010

Joel Evan Green

This is a call to prayer, to all those who believe our God’s power and intent exceeds the scope of science and worldly diagnosis, I ask you to join with me in crying out for the healing of Joel Evan Green, a baby boy who has battled the beast of cancer for over 9 months and whose parents received word this week that cancer has spread throughout his body. Scientific solutions have failed, but our God is mighty to save! He still heals! He still delivers! May his power and mercy be displayed through Joel in these days!

If you would like to follow Joel's story, I encourage you to visit the following link: His parents are passionate lovers of God, boldly declaring his goodness and power in the face of this devastating news. As a mother of a son so close to Joel's age, this story crushes the breath from my lungs! I cannot fathom watching my child suffer or seeing his life slip away before me. . .

Oh, God, the strength of the weak and the comfort of all who suffer, in your mercy hear our prayer. . . let our cry come unto you.

Click HERE to see videos of Joel.

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