Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween Week

This year Jonah dressed like Vowey (Allen's childhood attachment object). Or at least he aspired to. His costume was adorable, we just had two problems- Jonah hated it and he didn't even wear it on Halloween. Let's be honest though parent-to-parent, it's really all about the pictures, right?! And we did manage to snap a few of those. . . ;)Look how he LOVES to dress up. . . definitely one of his favorite things! :)

Oh that face! And belly and thighs and eyes and ears and nose and lips! I am entirely smitten with this boy. . . STILL!
Could I be surrounded with more beauty? I must say, I'm a very lucky woman!
Pumpkin carving. Jonah's not a fan of messes. :)

Mickey makes Jonah smile faster than anyone these days, so of course we had to carve his face in our pumpkin.

Daddy and Jonah eating fresh baked pumpkin seeds. Their favorite part of the carving.
Lunch with Grams and Aunt Rachel and a little arm wrestling to pass the time while waiting on our food. :) Jonah won by a long shot!

Friday we trick-or-treated at Gallatin Square. Well, semi-trick-or-treated. We didn't actually collect candy because I'm a mean mom (or "mum" as Jonah would say) and decided it wouldn't be a good idea to tempt ourselves with the candy, but we had fun walking around with our friends and seeing all the kids dressed up.

Then we stopped by the clinic to see Mimi and Popi. . . probably the best photo of this years costume in my opinion. :)

Friday night and Saturday we spent at Horton Haven. Daddy led worship for a retreat. We had a great time!

Pirate Jonah! Arrrgh!
Saturday morning we went to Nashville Zoo between camp services. It was a PERFECT day! We had lots of fun seeing the animals!

Waving at the Zebras

And one final picture of Jonah loving his costume. . . Not sure how it loaded way down here. . . Blogger has a mind of its own! :)

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Amber said...

This boy makes my heart melt with love. How could I love him more?