Sunday, February 13, 2011

"Aw, Cute!"

Because I love naked belly pics (even if you don't) . . . ;)
Eve belly. . . 27 weeks!
It will be interesting to find out how much of this belly is Eve and how much is her mother. . . 20lbs and counting (13 weeks to go)!!
Regression? Maybe. ;)
Aunt Sarah came over today to bring lots of tu-tus for Eve. . . She made them all! I think she has girl fever almost as bad as I do! They're beautiful! While she was here, she showed her manicure to Jonah . . . He LOVED her nails and said "Aw, CuTE!" (completely unprompted). It always amazes me when he uses phrases in the appropriate context! :)

This is how free spirits count. . . Who says numbers should only be listed in one order? Perhaps there's a more interesting way to put them together. . . In fact, it may be best if some numbers were entirely deleted. You know, the boring ones like four, five, and six. . .

And this is a clip of Jonah in the bath tonight. . . Daddy was sprinkling him with cold water from a bottle. :)

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