Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Eve Pancakes

For Valentine's Day, Allen bought a 4D ultrasound package at Focused Imagining. . . the BEST gift EVER!! :) Which means we get to see Eve TODAY at 5pm! I'm literally counting the hours! I have been all week. . . There's something so magical about glimpsing the life evolving in your body, you know?! We have friends who were scanned at the same facility during the same week of gestation (we'll be 29 weeks tomorrow), and their baby girl came out looking exactly like the images they captured! :) I'm a tad bit excited!!

I decided to use a mix I bought at an after V-Day sale to make pink, chocolate chip Eve pancakes this morning! ;) Seemed like a fun way to celebrate seeing our daughter. :)

Promise to post pics of Eve as soon as we get home tonight!! :) I may even have some video footage. . . :)

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