Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fattening Up

Our primary goal today has been to encourage Jonah to consume as many calories as possible! I feel quite competent in this arena as I've definitively mastered high caloric intake in my own life (one of the few things I'm actually good at). The 5 lbs I've gained in the past 2 weeks are proof enough! ;) Jonah has been endlessly offered food since the moment he climbed out of bed this morning. . . Chocolate Cheerios, a granola bar, 10 oz of Ovaltine, Wheat Thins, yogurt covered raisins, green beans, sweet potatoes, pizza, chocolate covered sunflower seeds, spaghetti and meatballs, rolls, buzz juice, 16 oz of whole milk. He's consumed more calories today than he ever has in his life! Allen says he probably feels like he's on a cruise ship with an endless buffet! ;) We laughed about taking him back in March to find that he's suddenly grossly obese. . . After dinner tonight, Jonah took a deep breath and looked at me with an expression that said, "If I ingest one more thing, I'll puke." So we stopped feeding him.
We've flipped though this set of flashcards 6 or 7 times today. Jonah has had so much fun identifying objects and learning new words. Daddy was quite impressed (and so was I)!

Jonah plugged his ears tonight while Allen was talking to him. While his fingers were in his ears Allen continued to move his mouth but didn't make any sound. Jonah found it quite entertaining as you can see. . . I could never get enough of Jonah's laughter! We're so blessed to have a son that carries such a spirit of joy!

And a little flashback from last night. Jonah loves the arcade at Walmart. He encourages us to stop almost every time we check out, and it's always difficult to coax him away. Jonah's similar to a teenager in that he attempts to reason with us when our desire for him is contrary to his (as you'll seen in this video). My favorite part is toward the end when he chases after Daddy, pats his pocket, and asks for "Meeos" (money) . . . :)

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