Monday, February 28, 2011

Seeing Eve

These photos were taken last Wednesday before and after we saw Eve. I was so grateful my Mom and friend Lindsey (not pictured, unfortunately) were able to come! Sharing the joy of our daughter is so much fun!

Jonah wasn't in a picture taking mood after the ultrasound. He kept hiding from the camera. Both of our kids were camera shy that day it seems.
I'm never more grateful for my Mom than when I'm pregnant and with my kids. . . Her sacrifice to give me life is so pronounced through them! I'm deeply grateful that we're able to share this season together. . . I pray that the sacred bond my Mom and I have been blessed with will one day be cultivated between Eve and I. . . I'm so grateful to have such an incredible Mom who relates with me on such a deep level. She truly is one of my best friends!

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