Friday, February 4, 2011

Sushi and Sword Fighting

Jonah was enthralled with his sushi set tonight, and we enjoyed hearing him say "sushi" over and over. . . We're hoping he inherits our love for this style of cuisine! :)

After dinner last night, Allen and Jonah turned into crazy pirates and drew their swords. I caught their battle on camera. Warning. . . it's brutal! ;)

And a little glimpse of my naptime crochet practice. . . I didn't do so great following the pattern or wrapping it up, but I was pleased with the outcome. After all, it's only my second day crocheting, and I didn't have a teacher holding my hand. I'm not a huge fan of multicolored yarn for this project, but it's all I had. Finished this one in about 30 minutes. . .


Amber said...

Love everything about this post. Notice the way Jonah switched hands to cut the "sooshi". Also, we noticed among all those toys, the ones he chooses are spatulas and spoons. Sword fighting is so much more civilized that guns. :0)
The flower is beautiful. Great Job!

Lindsey said...

i LOVE the video of allen and jonah sword fighting!! They will both treasure that ALWAYS. It kept me laughing seeing how excited he would get as soon as allen would start fighting! hilarious!