Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Random . . .

Allen took these pictures. . . He loves close-ups of Jonah's face and features. And so do I. We're totally obsessed with him if you can't tell. :) He is one of the greatest joys of the life we share. We can't imagine existing without him. . .

Saturday night we registered for Eve. Jonah loved the gun, and I went NUTS! I was in girl heaven. . . It's still strange to me to gravitate toward pink (as I'm so accustomed to blue), but it's an exciting change, one I entirely welcome. I get an overwhelming sense that Eve's presence is going to bring such beauty, grace and feminine charm to our home. I'm so excited to receive her and integrate her into our everyday!

And a few close-ups of Jonah's eyes. One of our favorite features (among many). :) I was so excited that Allen was able to capture their heavenly, true-blue color. It's difficult for me to do with the camera for some reason.

UGH! I love these kids! We're so incredibly blessed. We don't take one single day with them for granted!!

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