Saturday, February 19, 2011

Park with Grandma Bruce

We've had a really fun week out of the house. I hate that I've been so irresponsible with our camera. I've failed to capture several big events. . . Meeting baby Gabrielle (my friend Amber's baby) for the first time, a doctors visit, and visit with Grams. . .

A little bit about the doctors appointment. . . I took Jonah in to have his ears and throat checked, as well as a couple of swollen lymph nodes that alarmed me on Wednesday. It had been exactly one week since his fluke 24 hour fever that presented no other symptoms, and I was concerned that maybe we were missing something. . . I've never seen a virus manifest and leave so quickly. That being said, the doctor assured me he was completely healthy and the lymph nodes sometimes take weeks, even months to go down in children. The most exciting aspect of our visit though was that we discovered JONAH GAINED 3 LBS IN 2 WEEKS!!! WOW! We're back up to the 50th percentile! It had to be prayer, because I really don't think he's eating that much differently than he was before. :) He now weighs 27 1/2 lbs! Thank God for healthy babies!! We're so blessed!

We remembered to take pictures at Memorial Park in Gallatin on Thursday. We picked Grandma Bruce up for lunch and she watched from the van as we played on the playground.

I must say, Gallatin has really invested in improving their park since I was a child. They now have a playground reminiscent of the one at Dragon Park (our favorite downtown on 31st/Blakemore). Parents can easily walk through it with their kids (which I LOVE)! It felt great to be outside this week. . . Refreshing to both of us, I think, after a long winter indoors.

And we really enjoyed sharing such a special day with Grandma Bruce. It was good for all of us!

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Lindsey said...

So, I don't know if I have ever told you this, but Grandma Bruce looks like Tanta Clause (Kris Kringles adoptive mama in the claymation Santa Clause is Coming to Town."