Thursday, February 10, 2011

Officially Sick

Jonah's fever climbed to 102.5 in the night and he vomited. . . (the thing I dread most). It seems any time his temp reaches 102 that happens. Thankfully, we had an anti-nausea med given to us during his kidney infection that works wonders. I think every mom should have some on hand just in case. So far, he's only thrown up once, but I haven't given him an opportunity to do it again. I gave him another dose of anti-nausea when he woke up this morning. It lasts for 8 hours. As long as we keep his temp down, he acts totally normal- insanely energetic and happy. I'm not sure if we're dealing with a stomach bug or just a temp at this point, but I feel confident it's a virus of some sort. I'm praying its a simple 24 hour thing that will pass quickly (and not spread). I'm disinfecting our house like crazy! I'm such a germ-a-phobe!
In our house when our babies are sick and not nursing, they get the next best thing- a booby-bottle! ;) Nothing makes me miss breastfeeding more than having a sick baby! It always seemed to be the cure-all. . .
This is a video I took of Allen and Jonah watching Donald Duck on the iPod last night as we were waiting for the Advil to bring his fever down. I love how interactive Jonah is with anything he sees on that little device.
And here's another Cat and the Hat video, couldn't resist posting it. :) I'm not sure why he keeps blowing on his fingers! He didn't pick that up from me! LOL! :)

And this is a video message we made for Daddy on PhotoBooth yesterday. :)


Lisa said...

Poor little Jonah!! Loved watching the cute videos:) Hope he feels better real soon!

Samantha said...

That stinks! I hope he's feeling better by tomorrow so we can still get together! Loving the bobby bottle! Where on earth did you find that?!!

samantha said...