Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Another Day with Adeline

This is Mrs. Lindsey's last week of maternity leave, so we decided to plan one more midweek play date. I love baby Adeline so much! When we're together, I pretend I'm her big brother. :)
I'm so gentle with her. :)
Mommy hopes God gives our family a baby girl one day. :)
Mrs. Lindsey and baby Adeline after shopping.
Mrs. Lindsey bought me these cute monkey pajamas. Mommy loves them (and so do I, as you can see)!!

I was really envious of baby Adeline's bottles, so Mommy decided to make me one from some of the milk we have stored in the freezer. I pretended I was little just like her.

Mommy took lots of cute pictures of Adeline and I while we were cuddling on the sofa.
Mommy laughed when I threw my leg over Adeline (that's how she cuddles with Daddy). :) I've perfected the spoon and I'm not even a year old yet! :)

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Alyson Costner said...

I LOVE that Jonah knows how to spoon. And throwing the leg over made me laugh. That's the only way I know how to do it! :) So stinking cute!