Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Walk with Adeline

It was gorgeous outside today. The temp rose to the 60's, and we couldn't wait to get out of the house!! Mrs. Lindsey and Adeline met us for a late afternoon walk in the park. It was quite refreshing, a foretaste of spring.

This is a dog that lives in the park. He's not real, but we pretended that he was.
I tried to be very gentle with him.

Puppies make me SO HAPPY! :) Did you know I can say the word "puppy" ??
Mommy packed my crocodile push toy, so I could walk. I felt so free! It seemed like the sidewalk stretched for miles, my dream come true! Mommy was so proud of me and loved watching me beam with excitement!

We eventually traded the push toy for the stroller. I was a bit disappointed, but it ended up being a relaxing ride.
This is Mrs. Lindsey and Adeline. Mommy loves these pictures!!

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Ethan Land said...

Look at the precious boy go!