Saturday, January 9, 2010

ChUcK E. ChEeSe

Gram's called while we were driving home from Nashville tonight and asked if we'd like to meet her and my cousin Dawson at Chuck E. Cheese. We said YeS of course! Who could say no to such an exciting invitation?!

This is me after I received the news! (so thrilled I could hardly focus on the road) ;)
I had to eat cold food tonight (squash of all things). As you can tell by my expression, the first couple of bites were hard to stomach! :)
Thankfully it became bearable. :) I was so happy to spend time with my Grams! Look at all my teeth!!

My Green family insists that I master sign language. Cousin Dawson helped me remember how to say "more". . . That's what I was doing in the pic below.
Dawson's a great teacher! :)

I drove this big mouse with crazy eyes around for a bit. . .
Mommy loves this one. . . :)
This is my Mom and me. :)
We decided to ride a horse (one of Mommy's life-long dreams actually). . .
We had so much fun! I kept pushing the "jump" button. . . our horse almost threw us off! (not really, we used our imagination)

Cousin Dawson is a ReaLLY good basketball player! Grams was star of her high school team, quite a legend in her home town actually. I hear it's been her dream to have kids follow in her ball-playing-footsteps. . . My mom and aunts let her down, but now that she has grandson's I'm pretty sure her wish will soon come true!

This is my Dad. Mommy thinks he's really (REALLY) cute! :)

Watching my Daddy play basketball. . . He was quite a star in high school as well!
Mommy loves this picture!

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John, Angela, and Briley Barker said...

So sweet!! It is such a fun place isn't it? I remember taking Briley to meet her cousins and she was about the same age. You wonder what they are thinking with all of the lights, sounds, and busyness. Sorry sweet boy that Mommy won't give you pizza - I promise I will sneak you some next time:)