Tuesday, January 5, 2010

JoNaH, an ordinary day :)

Just a small glimpse of our day:

I walked the halls for HoUrS! :)

Mommy turned her back for a minute, and I pulled out as many wipes as I possibly could before she turned around! She thought it was so funny I didn't even get in trouble! :)
This is my new toy bucket (inspired by Mimi). I LOVE playing inside of it!

(Mommy loves my vast array of expressions!!)
This is my laptop. I had some work to do. . . can't play all day. Somebody's gotta make money around here! ;)
Snack time.
I've been feeding myself consistently since Christmas Eve (Popi taught me).
Mommy's still impressed! :)

My Dad and I were working on my iPod. I accidentally left it in the car and the cold weather caused the lights to freeze.
Mommy LoVeS, LOVES this picture! :)

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Margie said...

Jess -
I just looked through all your pics and it is so funny because Jude has so many of the same toys. Jude also LOVES pulling wipes out of the box and climbing on the dishwasher!!! Ha!