Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow Day!

Mommy and I spent lots of time with Aunt Rachel yesterday. It was the first snow of the season (actually, the first snow of my life- so it held great significance, at least according to Mommy).

I LOVE IT!! It was so fascinating I couldn't stop touching it. . .

I played in it until I realized that it actually causes excruciating pain!! Who knew something so beautiful could hurt you so bad?!
Pretty sure Mommy let me get frostbite in my fingers. . . :(

Aunt Rachel taught me sign language for "more." Mommy's convinced her dog training skills from the clinic are going to come in handy with her own children one day (so far all her techniques have worked for me!!)

Clapping!! (because I learned the sign so fast of course)


Adrian said...

Yay for snow! I really wish it would come a blizzard. . . we have no great pics of Cole with snow over the past three years. What we do have consists of light dustings and making mini-snowmen on the deck. Our sleds are in the garage awaiting some use!

Lindsey said...

these are adorable! that picture of you, rachel and jonah is gorgeous!