Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mommy's Creations. . .

My birthday is just around the corner, so Mom has been brainstorming party plans. She wants to make my cake because she thinks it's much more special than ordering one. But she doesn't want to make an ordinary cake (I'm not an ordinary boy, you see). . . She's aspiring to tackle a 3D Elmo (my favorite character these days). Daddy of course laughed (he underestimates her ability), so she felt the need to prove herself. She decide to make Uncle Ethan a 3D football cake for his birthday. . . For a trial run she use standard cake pans and carved a football. It turned into a mosaic of cake pieces, not exactly servable (although it was yummy!) as you see below. :)

Icing is quite forgiving, covering a multitude of sins (sins probably isn't the right word but it seems to go with "covering a multitude" . . . you know you're a Christian when) . . . :)
Thankfully, Grams bought Mom a football cake pan so Uncle E's cake would turn out a bit better than the trial run. We were very pleased with the results.

HaPpY 20th, Uncle E!! :)


Adrian said...

Love it girl! I've made Cole's b'day cakes the past three years as well. So far I've tackled a horse, puppy dog and dog bowl, and a palm tree made out of cupcakes :) I agree that there is something special about adding your personal 'mommy' touch :) Can't wait to see/hear more about this special 'Sesame Street' day!

Ethan Land said...

That was cake was amazing. I didn't want to eat it because it looked so good! But it was so delicious!