Friday, January 1, 2010

ChRiStMaS at Mimi and Popi's :)

We're not sure if this Christmas celebration should be considered the Alpha or Omega. From the prospective of 2009 I guess it would be considered the Omega, but it technically took place in 2010, so it would be most appropriately deemed the Alpha, right? Which would mean our 2010 begins and ends with Christmas. . . How exciting! :) And how appropriate to celebrate (in January and December) the coming of our Savior and the communion with God we enjoy throughout the year because of his sacrifice! :)

This is one of my new favorite tricks! I've discovered my tongue holds extraordinary power to turn peoples heads and make them laugh. I'm quite an entertainer actually. I was a one act show at dinner, cycling through a handful of comedic expressions- the tongue, the hulk (I flex my muscles until my face turns red and my eyes bulge), the piggy snort (I scrunch my face and breathe really hard through my nose). My family laughed until their bellies hurt!
As you can see, Mimi needed me in the kitchen. There was a lot to pull together . . . more than 2 hands could handle! :)

My Mimi is so creative. . . She adds an elegant touch to every affair. (Mommy's taking notes, she has a LOT to live up to)!
This is one of my favorite teethers. Yes, it's a shoe but don't worry, Popi washes it in the dishwasher. :)
I'm quite an expert at opening gifts now (should be a breeze on my birthday, I've had LOTS of practice).
This is Uncle E, I think he was rapping or throwing a gang sign or something . . . :)
If ever there was a picture that defined Uncle Ebic. . .

I squeal when I see Elmo!! :) Sesame Street is my favorite show!
You're impressed by my physique, aren't you? Most are. . . I work hard to maintain it! :)
Aunt Molly and Uncle Kyle. . . My cousins are stuck in Aunt Molly's belly. It was really sad. They missed all the fun. Hopefully, they'll get out in time to celebrate our next Christmas! :)


I love reading books with Popi. . . Actually, I love doing ANYTHING with my Popi!
This is my study face. I'm trying really hard to memorize all my colors, shapes, and animals.

Mimi and Popi bought me my very own guitar! It looks just like Daddy's! Uncle E taught me how to mange the strings. . . :)
Thanks to Mimi, I won't be the only one carrying on the Willis name. . . My Dad and uncles have a bad habit of putting their laptops on their upper thighs, which everyone knows decreases potential for procreation (impressed that I know that aren't you?!). :) She bought each of them a lap desk to protect my brothers, sisters and cousins. She attached a "Save the baby Willises" sign that made all of us laugh!

We had such a late night that Mommy, Daddy and I decided to camp out on the livingroom floor in front of the fireplace. It felt like a mini-vacation.

The morning after we had breakfast at Cracker Barrel. I wore my monkey hat. It was FREEZING!!
Mommy loves this picture of me and my Uncle Ebic!!
Cheers to love, life, and family!

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How is it possible that this child gets more and more beautiful?!!! Happy New Year, The New York Grandma of Five (one is a little girl as beautiful as Jonah, very blond and smiles like him)