Tuesday, January 19, 2010

HaPpY 20th, Uncle E!!

Saturday we celebrated Uncle Ethan's 20th birthday at Aunt Molly and Uncle Kyle's house. Katie and Hannah took all of these pictures (they did a GREAT JOB, thanks girls!!)
Reading Elmo with Uncle Ebic and Mimi. . . He makes me squeal with excitement!

My friend Logan, he's just one month older than me.
Logan again. . . :)
This is me. No REALLY, ME! Mommy says the next 3 pictures really capture the essence of my personality. . . :)

This is my other friend, Bryce (Logan's big brother). (One day I'll be a big brother just like him!) :)
Saying "more" with my hands. . . Hannah was so proud of me!

My cousin, Caiden. :)
Cousin Katie and Daddy.
Mimi says I'm so cute she wants to eat me. ;) (don't worry, it doesn't hurt)
Uncle Ethan and Caiden.
Daddy and Mommy.
Daddy, Aunt Molly, Uncle Eric, Uncle Ethan, and my twin cousins (Aunt Molly's hiding them under her shirt!)
Uncle E opening presents.
Reading with Dad.
My cousin's again. (There's 2, so I wanted you to see both sides) :)

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