Monday, January 11, 2010

CoNgRaTs, BeThAnY!! :)

Our cousin, Bethany, graduated from photography school in December. Yesterday we had an open house at Aunt Lisa's. Lots of her work was displayed. She has ExTrAoRdInArY talent! (just as most of the kids on Daddy's side). We had so much fun seeing all she's done. . .

Congratulations, Bethany! We're so proud of you. What a remarkable accomplishment! Can't wait to see all you do with your skill in the future!

These pictures were taken by cousin, Emily. (We've been stealing her work a lot lately!)

This is Bethany and Shad. . . :)
Uncle E.
Aunt Linda and Me.
Uncle Ebic and Me.
Aunt Lisa and Me.
Reaching for Daddy.
This picture takes Mommy's breath away.
Mimi and Me. :)

These were taken prior to the party by my Mom. . . I love to read! :)
I get almost as excited about books as my Dad does. . .

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Emily said...

He is so cute! I just can't take it. Haha. :)