Friday, January 8, 2010

Thank You, Emily! :)

Our cousin Emily is an amazing photographer (there's a link to her blog on our page, you should check it out)! We had a spur of the moment family party with Uncle Steve, Aunt Carrie, and baby Stevie tonight (they came in from Alabama). Emily took lots of pictures of our time together. This is the first photo she posted (we'll steal the rest when she gives us access to them). :)

Mommy LOVES my eyes in this picture! I was sitting in a Fisher Price shopping cart while Mimi fed me sweet potatoes! :) I'm not really a messy eater, Mimi's just a messy feeder! ;)

Thanks, Em! Your so gifted at preserving memories!!

PS. I'm 10 months ToDaY! Can you believe it?!! (Mommy looked much like a whale this time last year!!)

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Emily said...

Jess! I love your blog! :) Thank you for posting a link to mine, as well :) You're awesome and your son photographs spectacularly!