Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Baby Adeline's House. . .

Mr. Jeremy and Mrs. Lindsey invited us over for dessert this weekend. We had SO MuCH fun!
This is Adeline's puppy that says her name and sings songs to her! I really want one for my birthday! :)
This is my friend, baby Adeline. I love her so much!

I'm so gentle with Adeline. . . Mommy says I'm going to be a GREAT big brother one day!
I love babies. I wish Mommy and Daddy would get one for our house! :)
Watching hockey with Daddy and Mr. Jeremy. . . (Mommy loves the rolls on my thighs! She used to be able to close her fingers around them, can you believe that?!)

Look how BiG I am!! Remember when swings used to swallow me? Now I barely fit . . . Mommy can't believe how fast I'm growing. . .

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