Friday, January 15, 2010

HaPpY BiRtHdAy, NANNIE! :)

Wednesday was Nannie's birthday, but she was busy with treatment so we all stopped by yesterday for a little surprise party. :) It was so much fun!!

This was the best picture Mommy took of Nannie and me. I have a bad habit of closing my eyes when the green light on our camera comes on. (It's actually a survival instinct, I'm hoping to still have sight by the time I'm ten. . . a hundred flashes a day wears on the retina!). . . Anyway, that's why I look drunk in the picture below! :)
This is Pa's cane, my favorite toy at their house. I think I could get around a bit better if Pa would teach me how to use it! :)
This is my Pa. :)
And this is Grandma. She stopped by for the party as well! :)
Nannie slipped me some chocolate cake. . . I enjoyed it, as you can see!

These pictures were taken when Daddy came home! He's so much fun!!
Sorry for my crazy nap hair, Mommy neglected to fix it before the photoshoot.

I love to help Mommy, especially with the dishes (she hopes that desire never goes away!). . . After dinner, I loaded the dishwasher with her. She turned her back for a minute and I climbed up on the door. I was looking at Mommy in this picture to see if it was ok. . .
Daddy loves me SO MUCH!! Mommy loves to see us together.

Sitting on the wall. . .
MoNkEy. :)
I can now walk with support on just one side! Mommy and Daddy are REALLY PrOuD of me!

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