Friday, January 28, 2011

10 hours

Jonah slept 10 hours in a row last night (for the first time in his life) . . . He didn't stir once! No middle of the night bottle. . . no crying. . . I woke up this morning praying that he was still breathing! :) I don't (by any means) expect this to become a new trend, but I am quite thankful for a full nights sleep and wouldn't be opposed to experiencing it again tonight! Jonah really does have the coolest morning hair I've ever seen! (Please pardon the Chocolate Cheerios on Jonah's tongue. . . kind of gross, I know!) ;)


Amber said...

We are so proud of you, Jonah! Keep up the good work. Love you,
MiMi and PoPi

Whitney Wilhite & Bradley Taylor said...

so cute!!!!

Adrian said...

Wow. . . I had no idea he still stirred during his nighttime sleep. What a WONDERFUL Mommy you are to have been running on less than a full night's sleep for two years :) Of course, you're totally ready for Eve and I'll have to get used to lack of sleep once again :)
Praying that this IS a new trend. . . yay for Jonah!

Holly said...

So glad we are not the only ones who have a 2 year old who still wakes up at night! This us something I actually counsel my Peds parents on a lot, and the advice seems to always work on their children but not mine! Go figure. Jared and I feel your 2 years worth of sleep deprivation!