Sunday, January 16, 2011

Like a Child

Erika, a friend of mine from high school, has a sister who is currently battling stage 4 cancer. It has been an extremely emotional journey for them, but their faith (and the presence of God) has sustained them and been a constant source of hope and inspiration. Seeing them walk this road (mostly from a distance, though I had an opportunity to chat with Erika in person at the end of last year) has been quite moving for me. . . in a very similar fashion as following Joel's story.

I have a tendency to fear the future, particularly disease, and in my carnality, I wrestle the nature and goodness of the Divine when I see men and women (and their babies) who are kingdom-minded, devoted lovers of God suffer. My mom has been faithful to consistently remind me over the years as I hit these crisis-of-faith-moments that there is nothing that passes through the hand of God that he doesn't supply the grace and mercy to move through or overcome.

That being said, I have observed this faith and hope in my mom in the past 24 hours of facing such illness and so many unknowns . . . She truly is at peace in the arms of God. Her hope is securely fixed in him. He is her rock, her safety. . . she will not be moved!

This is a song, written and performed by Erika, that absolutely moved me this morning, considering all the men, women, and children I know facing harsh realities, yet safe in the lap of the Almighty. I pray it moves and lifts you as you listen!

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