Saturday, January 1, 2011

Eve Amelie

Yesterday was a BIG day for us! We saw Eve for the third time since her conception. My heart nearly exploded with excitement when she appeared on the screen! I'm amazed at how well defined her features are and how clearly ultrasound technology captures them.

This tiny little girl is in my body! I still can't wrap my mind around it! It's just as exciting now as it was with Jonah. I absolutely adore her and ache to have her in my arms!

Eve measured 2 weeks larger than our first ultrasound (done at 5 weeks). According to our first scan, her due date is May 19th. However, her measurements during our gender determination and anatomy scans both pronounced May 6th as her due date. I honestly think she's due somewhere around the 10th for reasons I won't elaborate on here ;) . . . All that to say, it looks like we need to be ready for her arrival by May 6th.

Eve measured 1 pound and 22 weeks! She's perfect in every way! :)

I will post several more pictures later. My favorite is above. If you compare the photo of her with the one of Jonah on the sidebar of our page, they look almost exactly alike! I have a feeling they won't be able to deny each other! :)

PS: This is our second post of the day. . . scroll down to see a very handsome pants-less cowboy! ;)

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