Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dinner with the Johnson's

Last night we had dinner with Mike, Adrian, and Cole. We cherish our connection to them and value the moments we share. We're hoping that this year will extend more opportunity for us to share life together. Adrian is pregnant with a sweet baby boy named Cade Elias, due just a couple of weeks before Eve, so we're reveling together in a season of new life and the evolution of our families. :)

Jonah was in an interesting mood last night. . . He screamed through dinner and became quite demanding when he didn't get his way. Very unlike him, actually. . . We were thankful for the grace extended by fellow parents.

Tank the dog was a source of fear for Jonah at first, but when Mr. Mike brought out the laser light and he saw Tanks reaction to it, he quickly warmed up. I think he played with Tank and the laser light for at least twenty minutes.

Cole is PRECIOUS! He really is such a unique little guy. . . Way beyond his years in intelligence I believe and quite entertaining! It's so much fun to hear his thoughts and interact with him. It's exciting to think Jonah will one day be able to express himself as articulately as Cole. The picture below makes me smile. . . It was taken after Cole explained to Adrian that he doesn't like smiling and doesn't want to be photographed. :) Guess I shouldn't get my hopes up that capturing my boy on film will get any easier as the years progress. . . ;)
Playing with Tank some more, definitely a highlight of the night for Jonah. . .

Cole was so sweet to Jonah! He's going to be an amazing big brother!! I realized after we left that Jonah and Eve will be almost exactly as far apart in age as Jonah and Cole. I think the dynamic will be perfect! :)
I love seeing these boys together!!
Cheers to great friends and family moments and memories shared. . .

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Adrian said...

What a precious post! You are too kind friend.
We too cherish our friendship and only hope to see it strengthened throughout this coming year. Love your sweet family!