Sunday, January 9, 2011

Jonz and Caleb

Our Sunday ritual is lunch and lingering at Mimi and Popi's. Always a fun and relaxing affair. The twins joined us today as they often do. We caught Jonah sweetly playing with Caleb after a long afternoon of ignoring he and Jack (not so sure Jonah is entriely ok with sharing the spotlight. . . more about that later). When I grabbed the camera to take a picture, he began instructing Caleb to say "Cheese" . . . I sensed in that moment he really enjoyed being the BIG boy who knew what to do.
As you see, it seems Jonah has inherited at least one of my cowlicks. . . I'm sure he'll thank me for that gene one day! ;)
On a more serious note . . . I long to find ways to validate Jonah's role in the family, to reassure him of his unique status and importance and emphasize to him that no matter how many new lives join our clan he will never be replace! I often wonder how Jonah will feel when Eve arrives, particularly on days like today when I sense he's a bit down and disenchanted with no longer being the only. I know in my heart Eve is a gift to him. Her companionship will greatly enrich his life, but I know as well a difficult season of adjustment awaits us . . . Interesting that seeing Jonah interact with the twins today sparked this train of thought. Definitely feels like something that's silently been turning in me for quite awhile. . .

I would love to hear from seasoned moms on this issue. . . How did you prepare your child or children to embrace a new sibling?? I need your wisdom! :)

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