Friday, January 21, 2011

Grandma Bruce

Yesterday was the 2nd anniversary of Grandpa Bruce's burial and what would have been his 90th birthday. We took lunch to Grandma's house to celebrate his life and legacy. It was such a sweet time. Jonah was quite entertaining . . . so jovial and great! He has such a contagiously joyous spirit! A characteristic I adore in him! ;)

Jonah calls Grandma "Bruce" . . . JUST "Bruce" as if they were on a basketball team together and they were too cool to use first names! ;) It's quite adorable. She loves it!
Grandma's walker is Jonah's playground. He wants one of his own for his birthday!
And Jonah's favorite toy, particularly in the car, is the Mickey Mouse guitar Nannie and Pa got him for Christmas. As you can see, he won't relinquish it even in his sleep!
Yesterday morning, Jonah accidentally spilled his "Me-O-s" (money) on the ground, so he ran to the kitchen, grabbed the broom, and swept it into a pile . . . He completely initiated the clean up on his own. I've decided he may have inherited Popi's cleaning gene! These Willis men are amazing house keepers! They put me to shame!!
It was another long day with my Mom, full of tests and examinations . . . Fortunately, we transfered her to Baptist, so I finally feel like she's in good hands. The care and attention she's receiving is heads above Sumner Regional. I'm hopeful that we're close to a solid diagnosis and treatment. They admitted her and will keep her through the weekend and until she shows marked signs of stability. Please keep her and her medical team in your prayers.

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