Thursday, January 13, 2011

Adeline and Jonah

Adeline is with us today. It's been so much fun having her here! It's interesting how much more complete our home feels with another little body running around. . . I'm definitely ready to embrace the challenges (and the beauty) of another baby in our family.

Looking for Mommy and Daddy. . . I love this picture!
Adeline loves babies! She's such a little Momma! She's so nurturing. . . makes me excited about Eve joining our family! (Lots of things make me excited about Eve! ;) )
Jonah and Adeline were quite the little parents today. . . Jonah pushed the stroller with one baby and Addie carried another. They walked around the house for at least 15 or 20 minutes together. Absolutely AdOrAbLE! :)
Little Daddy (with such a cute cowlick)!

Babies and water bottles. . . Addie's other attachment object. She's definitely her mother's child! :)

And I leave you with two cry pictures. . . Sounds like a depressing way to end a post, but really, who could get depressed looking at this adorable face?! :)

This is Addie after Jonah pulled the string on his lawn mower. Took her about 15 minutes to get over it. . . She's definitely not destined to mow yards!! :)
And this is Addie when she hit her breaking point. . . She played so hard (well beyond her normal nap time). She was doing really well, and then she just turned, looked at me and started balling . . . I do that sometimes too! ;) So we rocked and she fell asleep in about 5 minutes! :)

You may notice the wardrobe change. . . I accidentally got something on her shirt during lunch, so I put one of Eve's dresses on her. (Yes, we already have 2T clothes for Eve, imagine that!) ;)


Amber said...

Adeline looks so much like her Daddy! Amazing

Lindsey said...

first we are SO THANKFUL for your help today! you are such a great friend to keep her! She really loves you :)

second, we aren't sure that you were telling the truth about her being so good. she was a little diva for the rest of the night!

and third, that picture of you holding her where she is crying breaks my heart! she was doing a hard-core cry there. thank you for nurturing her while she was having her tired meltdowns :) love you!