Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Getting ready for Peek-a-Boo Playtown . . . Mommy's favorite hat!

Several months ago, we met a family while thrift shopping that had a little girl named Bailey that's just one month younger than Jonah. Our kids hit it off right away, so our meeting ended with an exchange of contact information and a playdate proposal. Today we got together for the first time and had a blast! We went to Peek-a-Boo Playtown at the Streets and then Brixx for pizza.
The playtown was HOPPING today! I've never seen it so busy. . . I bumped into at least 5 mom's I know, one of which we're having dinner with tonight! Jonah didn't seem to mind the chaos at all. He kept saying "WOW!" and running from toy to toy. . .

And this is the only decent picture I got of Bailey and Jonah together. It was virtually impossible to keep them in the same place at the same time, much less still enough to take a pic at the playtown and neither of them would look at the camera at Brixx. . . I've concluded it's DEFINITELY more difficult to get a good picture of a toddler than an infant. I miss the days I could pose Jonah a hundred different ways and he would give the camera his undivided attention! :)


Adrian said...

Cole on the other hand, did NOT like the chaos one bit. He stayed by my side the entire time (couldn't really blame him!). SO GOOD to see you. . . can't wait for dinner!

Lindsey said...

So fun! I've been thinking about taking Adeline to play. She seems to be really taken with other children right now. That bottom picture of Jonah tipping the hat is PRECIOUS! What a little stud :)

These type of post make me wish I was a stay-at-home mom!