Friday, January 7, 2011

Playdate at Cole's

Several months ago at Chick-fil-a I called out Jonah's name to get his attention and a mom (Becky) sitting near us asked if my son's name was Jonah. . . I of course said yes, and she proceed to tell me her son was named Jonah as well. Not only did our son's share a name, but they both have bleach blonde hair. It was a fun coincidence. We chatted for a few minutes about the significance of names (imagine that!) and parted ways.

A few months later, I bumped into Becky again (also at Chick-fila-a), and she told me she was pregnant. I of course was pregnant as well and we shared a strong instinct that we were carrying girls (we found out shortly after that we WERE!). . . It definitely seems God speaks to us in similar ways, our stories are quite parallel. Anyway, we decided to connect on Facebook after that meeting, which led to the discovery that we have mutual friends (she was at one time neighbors with my grandparents in Gallatin and she's in the same MOPS group as my friend Adrian). All that to say, we decided a playdate was in order.

Adrian was kind enough to invite all of us to her place today. The boys had a great time (though they didn't interact much. . . guess we're still in the side-by-side play stage), and we mom's had a blast discussing motherhood and pregnancy (all of us are expecting around the same time). It's such a blessing to connect with other women in the same season of life!

Here are a few photos of our time together. . .

Jonah and Cole

Allen won't be surprised to hear that Jonah immediately ran to the bedroom to play the guitar when we got there! :) Jonah looks fierce. . . like an angry rock star in this picture. LOL!
Cole snapped the next two pictures. He's quite a photographer (think it runs in the family). I can't believe Cole captured Jonah's eyes. . . That's something I haven't been able to do lately. He never looks at me when the camera is in my hands and the lighting is never right. Thanks, Cole! :)

And THIS is the other Jonah. . . :) Just 2 months older than our Jonah.

I love this pic of Cole! :)
And all the boys together. . . This shot was a bit difficult to get.
Cheers to friends. . . the new and the old and the way they enrich our lives!! :)

PS: This is the second post of the day. . . Scroll down to see Jonah's BiG FIRST this morning! :)

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