Friday, January 7, 2011

"Muffi's" and the Potty

Willis boys habitually start their mornings with muffins (or muf-EYES as Jonah would say). It didn't take long for Jonah to join the ranks. . . He usually eats Dad's muffins baked fresh every morning, but I picked up a pack of VITAmuffins at Publix this week, and we decided to try them out this morning. I tried to promote them to Allen, telling him how healthy they are and he laughed saying that giving our child a chocolate muffin to increase his vitamin consumption is equivalent to giving him gummy fruit snacks for vitamin C. He's probably right. . . but look how happy they make him!! ;)

And we had a FIRST this morning. . . After watching Dinosaur Train (which was all about Dino's relieving themselves), Jonah decided he was ready to try the big boy potty. He initiated it completely by saying "Mum, potty" (and pointing) . . . I of course asked if he wanted to try the big boy potty. He said "UH-HUH" quite enthusiastically and ran toward the bathroom, pulling his pants down. I couldn't beleive it! I took his diaper off, he sat down and immediately asked for the phone. . . LOL! Just for the record, he didn't get that from me. Maybe Daddy talks on the phone while he's on the potty, I don't know. . . LOL! ;) I took this video after giving him the phone and couldn't resist posting it. He never peed, but I think it was a step in the right direction! ;)


Millard Family said...

Lol! Such a little man...On the pot, on the phone, and little nose picking...So much cuter when little one's do it though!!

Amber said...

Love the post! Our baby boy is growing up too fast.